The Art Book For Children


The Art Book For Children

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A perfect introduction to art for children everywhere, the second volume of “The Art Book for Children” brings the clarity and innovation of Phaidon’s bestselling “Art Book” to even more young readers. Another 30 artists, from Raphael and Thomas Gainsborough to Winslow Homer and Gerhard Richter, have been selected from the original “Art Book” for their significance in art history as well as their appeal to children. “Book Two” is a fun and informative guide to another 30 great artists and their most famous works, designed for both parent and child to enjoy together. The book encourages children to look closely at art and use their imagination to understand why artists choose to create the work they do and in the way that they do it. From the intricate details of the Limbourg Brothers’ illuminated manuscripts to the dazzling Californian skies of David Hockney, every aspect of the works included here are discussed in an assessable and friendly style. Like the first volume this book will appeal particularly to children from age seven and upward, but will be of interest to readers of all ages.

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